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Delivery Services

Data Management

Prepare your data for analytics success. Our data management experts will modernize your data warehouse, data mart or other repository to ensure scalable and secure operation of your enterprise’s most critical backend data functions. Our expert data consultants will set the foundation for improved intelligence and insight by enabling your organization to seamlessly:

  • Merge disparate types of data from internal and external sources with data integration.
  • Ensure the highest levels of quality with data cleansing. 
  • Achieve a single version of the truth with master data management.
  • Prepare for advanced analytics with data engineering.

Data Analytics

Visualize your data for better business outcomes. Our highly experienced analytics consultants will implement powerful front end analytics tools that seamlessly integrate with your data repositories for complete and accurate analysis of business performance at every level.

With visualized intelligence through sophisticated self-service dashboards, your business users will be able to make faster, better decisions, measure business performance, and optimize for improvement and growth.

Data Science

Harness the power of predictive analytics. For organizations with greater analytics maturity, our data scientists can implement advanced analytics models for high-impact business planning and automation.

Leveraging advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities, your business will be empowered to analyze historical data patterns and trends to forecast the probability of future events. Automation will help you take necessary actions to seize new opportunities and avoid risks.


Reduce risk and improve ROI for mission-critical initiatives. As unbiased and experienced analytics leaders, we can guide or supervise your implementation vendors for high risk projects to avoid costly mistakes and ensure objectives are met. We can scope and staff oversight for implementation efforts such as:
  • Program and project management
  • Data architecture
  • Technology architecture and leadership
  • Advanced analytics and data science

Don’t have the right resources in house? For single projects or larger programs, Mavent can fill knowledge gaps with proven people who’ve done similar work dozens of times. Let our strategic consultants lead your short-term efforts until you’re ready to hire your own team members – we can help with that, too.

What clients say

“We are incredibly satisfied with how Mavent partnered with our team to deliver our cloud-based enterprise data warehouse and the scope of its results across critical business areas, from supply chain to product planning and inventory. Mavent has not only created a single source of truth through multiple integrated reporting and visualization projects, but also provided us with greater readiness for future advanced analytics needs.”

– Ed Schipp, VP of IT, Sagent Pharmaceuticals

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