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Does AI mean the analyst role is doomed?

In a recent webinar with Pyramid Analytics, Mavent Analytics Senior Advisor, Abhishek Sharma, discussed the role of analysts in the midst of the AI boom. He was quick to debunk the thinking that the analyst role is at risk because now AI can do the job, and instead believes AI will empower analysts to work more productively with data scientists.

“I look at this positively because for the first time, with the evolution of AI, especially with LLM models and ChatGPT, it has enabled analysts to do what they weren’t able to do previously,” he said.

When it comes to data science, there is often a gulf between analyst and data scientist roles. Though analysts bring domain expertise, it can be difficult to communicate that to data scientists who build AI models. Abhishek believes that with AI embedded in technology such as Pyramid Analytics, there will be a “democratization of technology” in which it is not only easier for analysts to explore data on their own, but it also will be easier to communicate with data scientists.

It will be critical for analysts to focus on domain expertise and domain knowledge because that is the key to data science success, recommends Abhishek. To address organizational challenges, you first need to use domain knowledge to understand the problem and then develop a solution that leverages the right technology. “Technology itself cannot solve problems,” he added.

To learn more, watch the full webinar, “Transcend the Barriers to AI-driven Analytics” here

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