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From Strategy to Talent: Fueling Growth For a Global Tech Leader Across their Analytics Journey

Analytics Strategy and Agile Direct HireTM. A data services leader turned to Mavent Analytics for a fresh analytics strategy. Together we discovered a new senior leader also was needed – so we hired one.


Analytics Strategy

  • Assessment & Evaluation
    5 Weeks
  • Agile Direct Hire™ Executive Search
    6 Weeks

“Mavent Analytics demonstrated deep expertise during our analytics strategy project. When Mavent identified a gap in our analytics leadership, we entrusted their talent team to lead our executive search given their extensive knowledge of our needs. We leaned on Mavent for nearly every aspect of the recruiting process. They were incredibly efficient and accurate with their talent recommendations. In a very short time, we hired the right leader and now have greater confidence in the future of our data products and services division.”

– CEO, global technology company


This leading global technology company provides data services and solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of customer businesses. With more than 6,000 employees across 16 countries, its diverse portfolio of digital and physical solutions span payment, mobile, data, and identity, plus digital marketing and digital certification.


To uncover new opportunities for improved performance, the company was ready to re-evaluate the products and services, data technology and organizational capabilities within its U.S.-based data solution division. Developing a new strategy for business growth was an overarching goal, yet lack of alignment among senior leadership often stymied progress.


Working directly with the CEO, Mavent performed a five-week assessment engagement. Our analytics strategy team delivered a report on key findings, a roadmap for modernizing their data and analytics products and services, and recommendations for achieving business growth leveraging intelligence and insight from new capabilities.

During the assessment, we confirmed that leadership goals were not in sync with the changing needs of the organization. We recommended bringing in the right data solutions leader as a positive step toward realizing a new growth strategy. Our client agreed – and having earned their trust, Mavent’s talent group was retained to lead a confidential executive search. Using our five-phase search methodology, Mavent guided the hiring process from start to finish: discovery, search, interviews, screening, data and analytics competency and skills evaluation, verification, candidate recommendations, selection, behavioral assessment, reference examinations, negotiation, onboarding and post-hire follow-up.

Only when Mavent’s talent team was confident we found the right resource did we involve our client – and he emphatically agreed with our choice, with no further interviews required. Just six weeks after starting their executive search, the data services company had a new senior leader in place to oversee its new analytics strategy designed for growth.


  • Completed a strategic analytics assessment in 5 weeks
  • Developed comprehensive findings, strategic and tactical recommendations, and actionable plan to guide new CEO
  • Identified leadership gap for company’s new analytics strategy
  • Led a complex executive retained search in its entirety, including screening 30+ candidates with in-house data and analytics experts
  • Recommended a “top choice” candidate – no further interviews needed
  • Negotiated employment terms and on-boarded in just 6 weeks
  • 360-aftercare feedback ensured alignment and satisfaction for 6 months
  • New leader created a strategic vision that aligned executives, gained global board of directors approval, reorganized operating geographies, and increased team engagement
  • Company is now positioned for revenue growth and profitability


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Mavent Analytics is a data, analytics, and talent consulting firm that transforms companies through analytics excellence. We bring people, process, data, and technology together to create lasting business value for companies seeking greater insight, control, and growth. Our deep analytics experience and exclusive talent network deliver efficient, high-impact outcomes with less risk. Clients trust our leadership, business focus, and precision across the full continuum of their analytics journey.  From strategy, project oversight, and delivery to talent planning and acquisition, we make analytics achievable for companies at any stage of data maturity. 

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