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Staples subsidiary, Quill, steps up pricing and customer analytics capabilities with new data analytics leader

Seeking an executive search partner with first-hand data analytics expertise and keen insight into the local talent market, Quill turned to Mavent’s talent services to help hire a data analytics vice president. The process went so well that the client re-hired Mavent to help find its new VP of Technology.


  • Agile Direct Hire™ Executive Search

“Within a few months of being appointed, the new data analytics leader successfully developed and implemented new pricing analytics capabilities that resulted in significantly improved margin growth for our rapidly expanding business. I was so impressed with Mavent’s ability to fill this key data analytics leadership role that I asked them fill another role, slightly outside of their sweet spot. They ultimately identified an amazing fit for our next CTO. Both resources from Mavent turned out to be precisely the right fit and I would not hesitate in recommending them to business leaders in need of a great executive search talent partner that you can trust to get results.”

– President of Quill


Quill, a wholly owned subsidiary of Staples, Inc., offers an extensive range of products, including technology, cleaning and breakroom supplies, business furniture, medical supplies, safety products, and general office supplies.


With ambitious growth plans, Quill’s president identified the need for a data analytics vice president who could deliver fast results in support of revenue and profitability goals. Specifically, the role demanded a leader who could improve the company’s data infrastructure and data analytics technologies, while strengthening customer and pricing analytics capabilities.

To find the ideal candidate, he wanted to work with an executive search partner that not only understands the local talent market, but that also has data analytics expertise to help prioritize key objectives, including developing a Microsoft Azure Data Factory and establishing advanced analytics and data science capabilities.


Quill’s president chose to work with Mavent Analytics because of their data analytics consulting expertise, end-to-end talent services, and extensive network of analytics professionals.

To kick off the search, we conducted an extensive discovery process, collaborating closely with the president to meticulously define the role’s requirements. This was a complex task as it involved consolidating multiple data and analytics competencies into a single leadership role. We assisted the client in prioritizing competencies and assigning weight to data, analytics, customer, and pricing needs.

We also facilitated a comprehensive discussion on competency ranking, providing valuable guidance and consultation for aligning the role with external talent expectations, particularly in terms of the available candidate pool and compensation. Subsequently, we created an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) that outlined the role’s mission, expected outcomes, behavioral traits, and the necessary skills and competencies for success. Upon reviewing the ICP, Quill’s president was impressed with how well it encapsulated the specific needs of the role.

Leveraging the ICP to inform our search approach, we screened and interviewed a pool of candidates and ultimately presented two highly qualified candidates to the client, both of whom were considered strong finalists for the role. The client selected the candidate with a stronger background in pricing analytics, who was able to quickly leverage prior B2B price elasticity modeling experience to drive four points of margin growth for the business.

Once the new VP was on board, we engaged our AfterCare360 process to support his success. This included onboarding with HR, post-hire interviews, and 360-degree feedback with team members. The hiring manager and the new VP commented on how valuable this feedback process was to accelerate onboarding and create alignment.


  • The end-to-end executive search was completed within 10 weeks
  • We saved Quill’s team 60% of interview time by pre-qualifying candidates and presenting only the two most qualified finalists 
  • Quill expressed great satisfaction with their data analytics leadership hire, subsequently entrusting Mavent with recruitment of their VP of Technology, a role we have successfully filled

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