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You need reliable people and reliable data. We specialize in both.

The best person to hire an analytics expert is another analytics expert.

As former data and analytics leaders of Fortune 500 enterprises, we know who should fill your role. Our comprehensive recruiting services for data analytics and data science roles attracts highly-qualified, fully-engaged professionals with greater efficiency, for a lasting mutual fit. We do this by leveraging our analytics consulting expertise in combination with our exclusive talent network of analytics, data science and data management practitioners. And we guide every step in the process with precision and transparency – just as you’d imagine a trusted partner would.

Our Services

Talent Planning

Identify key data analytics roles and candidates

Agile Direct Hire™

Precise hiring, led by data and analytics experts

Agile Contractor™

Secure managed resources to scale quickly

The proof is in the numbers.

Our proven hiring model has earned us a reputation as being the go-to data analytics recruitment firm. Compared to other recruiting agencies, we spend an average of 6x more time vetting candidate skills and competencies. Per role, we save clients 60% of their valuable time coordinating and interviewing candidates. Lastly, we’re proud to say that 100% of our clients are referenceable (and we work hard to keep it that way).

Is your recruiting process failing to deliver the data and analytics talent you need to succeed?

General recruiting practices are not working in today’s competitive data and analytics recruiting landscape. With other recruiters, you’ll interview 10+ candidates for an average fit. With Mavent, we’ll land the best fit in just 1-3 interviews. 

Ensure the right outcome with our precise hiring and exclusive network of analytics, data science and data management practitioners.

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